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Evolution Part 5- Vibrations, Heart Of Gold, Golden Age, Body Of Light

By Emily Raisanen on August 31st 2020

If the evolutional purpose is to grow and transform what does it mean exactly? How did the man evolve from being part of the connection to earth and the cosmos into separation, lack and forgetfulness? What happened in between today and thousands of years that we can say we have evolved? … READ MORE

The Details Of Your Life?

By Emily Raisanen on August 19th 2020

If you create your loops of autopilot habits in your life you can become aware of it and choose to create something new. If you choose everyday the same things, thoughts and actions and at the end of a day feel like life just never changes you are looking at the answer in those habits and patterns of the mind-body autopilot. What are the details of your life?… READ MORE

Evolution Part 4 – Exploring Possibilities

by Emily Raisanen on July 17th 2020

For us to raise our awareness, our frequencies we need to first become conscious about our lower projections so that we can start working with them to change our behaviour and our mental- emotional autopilot into a conscious self mastering being…READ MORE

Evolution Part 3 – Heart Intelligence

by Emily Raisanen on July 2nd 2020

Something I learned from a very young child was that things might seem confusing, chaotic, even like there is no way out of a situation, hopeless or out of control. And that is just as it is, an illusion. We want to have control over everything in our lives and often it leads to an inner conflict or a dissatisfaction. Have you ever felt like something is pushing you in your stomach, throat or pressuring on your chest? … READ MORE

Toolkit of a Feminine Warrior Part 1

by Emily Raisanen on June 18th 2020

The kind of skills the feminine warrior has are not physical. They ooze the skills of compassion, intuition, empathy and presence like no other. The special powers of will and communicating from the heart can move mountains yet these warriors stay calm and balanced waiting for the mountains to let them walk through… READ MORE

Evolution Part 2 – Universal Frequencies

by Emily Raisanen on June 15th 2020

Now think of evolution as a speed. As If you where to go by your day at 100% faster speed and trying to go through the same amount of new information and releasing everything you ever learned at the same time. What if we can start to work with that? To create more harmony and to find out what actually changes the tones into a scale that climbs higher…READ MORE

Evolution Part 1 – Introduction

by Emily Raisanen on June 7th 2020

We are at this point going through the human evolution of ascending our frequencies into higher possibilities. And what that means is to become the energetically highest version of you. We think that our body and mind are the only way to experience this life and therefore what ever we experience becomes who we are…. READ MORE